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affordabletyres.ng empowers you to make the right buying decision on your car tyres by bringing the tyre store to your doorstep. affordabletyres.ng offers largest selection of tyres across all brands, transparent and competitive pricing and a superior tyre buying experience. It equips you to make your own choice and buy what you wish to buy and not what the dealer wants to sell to you. You no longer need to visit multiple dealers before you arrive at a right price. You can make a choice from multiple brands and their variants available on our website.

Buying Car Tyres:

Ordering from affordabletyres.ng is a simple process. Choose from an extensive range of tyres based on your tyre size, Select delivery option and confirm the order.
Upon receiving the order from you, we shall arrange the tyres to be delivered to your location normally within 24-72 hours.
Price quoted on affordabletyres.ng website includes the price of tyres and delivery will attract a different charge based on your location
Once we receive your order we start organizing everything for you straight away to ensure that your experience runs as smoothly as possible. You'll receive a confirmation email/SMS from us immediately the tyres have been dispatched. If there are any issues with your order or payment we will advise you accordingly. In case you have any issues please feel free to contact us.
Orders received on Sunday/ Public Holidays will be processed on the next working day. (Mon to Sat: 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM)
We update our website on daily basis and majority of our stock on the website is checked and are accurate. However there may be circumstances where the stock level is very low the tyres that you order might be all sold. If this is the case we will contact you instantly to notify you of this and offer you an alternative tyre or a full refund.
We can provide any type of tyres for vehicles ranging from a small family car to buses, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's) & vans. Whether you drive a mini-van, classic sports car, or a jacked up 4x4, we can supply the tyre of your choice at the best national pricing available in Nigeria. Trailer tyres are also available.
Mixing tyres is not recommended however if you do, please make sure that you stick to the same size on each axle. The rear tyres must be the same wheel diameter size as the front tyres. New set should be fitted on the Rear Axle.
Replacing a single tire on a vehicle can have an adverse effect on suspension systems, gear ratios, transmissions, and tire tread wear. If a single tire replacement is unavoidable, it is recommended that the single new tire be paired with the deepest tread tire from the vehicle (including the full size spare) and both be placed as a pair on the rear axle of the vehicle.
Fact: New tyres provide better wet grip than your half-worn tyres. When new tyres are installed on the rear, it helps reduce the potential for your vehicle to fishtail and lose stability in wet conditions. However, not only does the greater tread depth in the back help maintain control in wet and slippery conditions, as a driver, you are better able to “feel” feedback from the tyres through the steering wheel when the worn tyres are in front.
We are always trying to ensure that the deliveries are on time. However despite that if the deliveries are delayed we shall advise you about it keep you updated on the alternate arrangements and seek your advice whether you would like us to cancel the order or go ahead with the delivery.